The Six yard magic by YES WE SHOP

Sarees are typically 6-yard rectangular lengths of fabric, one size fits all. In India, the saree is not frozen in time. It is a living, breathing garment. Sometimes they are paired with traditional blouses; other times they are worn with turtlenecks, button-downs, sports bras or a saree with no blouse at all, draped and folded into a strapless dress.

 The saree's story is one of versatility and dynamism. A saree doesn't have to be a fussy performance, it can simply be what you want it to be.

While the undying and evergreen favourites in saree materials include silk and cotton, one can now find sarees made in a wide range of materials.


At Yes We Shop, it's a complex dance through stores and tailors to design a saree and not an item of clothing you throw on quickly.

Whether it is a pattu, cotton or a georgette saree; embroidered or printed design, there exists an ideal fit for all.